Batter's Box Mats - Recycled Rubber

DURABLE Eco Friendly Batter's Box Foundation Mats

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Recycled Rubber Batter's Box Foundation Mat (black) Pair
Markers, Inc.Made in USA
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Recycled Rubber Batter's Box Foundation Mat (black) Pair
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Recycled Batter's Box: Very Porous 32" L x 40" W x 3/4" D  use of recycled rubber makes these very eco friendly mats.  Allows water flow through in 2-3 seconds.  Ideal for Little League as well as adult fields. Eliminates deep holes in box areas. SAVES Time and maintenance costs by eliminating depth of player "dig-in".   Safe to use with plastic, rubber, or metal spikes. Durable recycled rubber material provides a good foundation for easier maintenance and lower maintenance costs.
  1. Simply dig down 2 to 3 inches
  2. Drop in the mat
  3. Cover with dirt
...and you're ready to play ball!
    Recycled Rubber Batter
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