Pro II Hole Cutter
Pro II Hole Cutter
Straight Shell Sharpened Inside, 28700$180.00
Scalloped Shell Sharpened Inside, 28800$180.00
Scalloped Shell Sharpened Outside, 28801$180.00

Golf Hole Cutters: Since every course is different, we have Pro II Hole Cutter Shells so you can order one that's right for your specific conditions.

  • Hot-rolled tubing with carbon steel shaft and STURDY ash handle
  • All parts are interchangeable and replaceable
  • Foot ejector only
  • Adjustable depth collar
  • 4 1/4" (11 cm) diameter
  • Replaceable shells for different soils
  • Scalloped shell has four cutting points


    Pro II Hole Cutter
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