Sharp "Magnum" Golf Hole Cutter

"Magnum" Hole Cutter

Tested in all soil conditions

"Magnum" Hole Cutter
Straight Shell Sharpened Inside- 28960$310.00
Scalloped Shell Sharpened Inside- 28970$310.00
Scalloped Shell Sharpened Outside- 28980$310.00

Golf Hole Cutters: Here is what makes the "Magnum" the best overall hole cutter on the market:

The difference in the types of shells depends on the type of soil makeup in your greens. The inside sharpened shell are for greens that have a mixture of sand and dirt. This helps in packing the sand tighter and holding it in place while removing it. The outside sharpened shell is for greens that are mostly clay.

  • Field tested in all soils - DURABLE
  • Smooth lever action
  • Choice of cutter shells to fit your soil condtions
  • Easy on your budget
    "Magnum" Hole Cutter
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