Triple Threat Flag Football Belts
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Triple Threat Flag Football Belts
Red Flags-1149487Small$3.75
Red Flags-1149487Medium$3.75
Red Flags-1149487Large$3.75
Red Flags-1149487XLarge$3.75
Yellow Flags-1149524Small$3.75
Yellow Flags-1149524Medium$3.75
Yellow Flags-1149524Large$3.75
Yellow Flags-1149524XLarge$3.75
Blue Flags-1149562Small$3.75
Blue Flags-1149562Medium$3.75
Blue Flags-1149562Large$3.75
Blue Flags-1149562XLarge$3.75
Green Flags-1149609Small$3.75
Green Flags-1149609Medium$3.75
Green Flags-1149609Large$3.75
Green Flags-1149609XLarge$3.75

Three flags permanently sewn onto the web belt.  Entire belt comes off-no parts to lose!  Belts are washable.

  • Vinyl coated polyester will not tear
  • Polyethylene clip will not break
  • Flags sewn on w/polyester thread won't rot
  • Adjusting slide for sizing
  • Each size has it's own clip color!
  • Flag colors: Red, yellow, blue and green.
  • Specify size when ordering S,M,L, XL
  • Small: 22" - 32" Red belt clip
  • Medium 28" - 38" Yellow belt clip
  • Large 32" -44" Blue belt clip
  • X-Large 38" - 52" Green belt clip


    Triple Threat Flag Football Belts
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