Extra Decal for Round Markers 6" (flat)
Extra Decal for Round Markers 6" (flat)
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Additional decals make great remembrances of your special day or event. Real Attention Getter and Way to Say Thank You. Decals are lightweight, easy to mail and add no additional postage to a one stamp letter.

Create goodwill for next year by mailing a thank you note and include an Event Decal from this year. Build fond memories and increase return attendees for next year. Make your decals collectible, and collect one from each year!

NOTE: *Decal Art Prep $25.00/file
No Charge when Editable .EPS, .JPEG or .PDF format art files are supplied. Please send artwork to flagart@markersinc.com.
    Extra Decal for Round Markers 6" (flat)
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