150ft Enduro Outfield Fencing Package

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Optional ground sockets Available in sets of 16, 32, 48. The industry standard for easy set-up and take down. Comes in (3) attractive colors.
150ft Enduro Fence Package (This Item Ships Free)
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150ft Enduro Fence Package (This Item Ships Free)
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Softball / Baseball Fencing: Enduro outfield fencing has revolutionized portable flexible fencing systems.  Simply slide the poles through the permanent vinyl pockets in the mesh fencing and drive the pole into the turf with a rubber mallet.   You're done! no ropes... ties... clips... hooks etc. 

The vinyl pockets, spaced every 10 ft., create an attachment to the pole that is uniform top to bottom for excellent durability and appearance.  Steel pilot hole tools is included for hard ground. OPTIONAL ground sockets available in sets of 16, 32 or 48.

NOTE: Due to continued supply chain issues related to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic we are now offering our fence pole sets with Black poles only. This change will allow us to ensure product availability while keeping the integrity of the product the same. This change only affects the appearance and not the performance of the fence poles.

This Enduro Fence Set Includes:

  • 150' Fence Material
  • 16 Poles
  • Pilot Tool

See Enduro Fence Installation Instructions

Enduro Fencing Installation Instructions 135K PDF

To estimate outfield fencing needed (A) Multiply distance from home plate to where you want your fence to be located. (B) Take that number and multiply by 1.57. (C) The number that is calculated gives you the length you need. EXAMPLE: Distance from home plate to where I want fence to be is 200'. I take 200' x 1.57 which gives me 314'. I need 314' of fencing.
    150ft Enduro Fence Package (This Item Ships Free)
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