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Custom Stencils
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Custom Stencils

MarkSmart™ Field Stencils

Exceptional, crisp, graphics are assured on your next athletic field stencils when using the MTP one-piece stencil process and vivid turf paints.  Collectively, we provide 50+ years of Athletic Field marking expertise that includes stencils for SuperBowls, Colleges, the World Series and NASCAR events.  Our process includes stencil design assistance, the stencil and turf paint... all in an economical package..matched to your size and budget requirements.

"Put us to Work" on your next Field marking challenge.

How to get a Quote:

1.  Call us with your ideas or needs, fax or e-mail an existing version of your artwork, Suggested:

  • embroidered patch
  • program guide
  • photograph
  • business card
  • stationary

2.  We may ask you send materials.

3.  We will create black & white line art- at No Charge- of the proposed logo and send it back to you for approval.  We can discuss changes and finalize your stencil, providing you a quotation.

4.  We then create the stencil in full size and ship to you, along with paint, tools, etc. needed  to complete the job.

5.  Lead time is approximately two weeks.

Useful Hints:

If you have a PC and are graphically proficient you can provide us with a graphics file of this art.  JPEGs are the most common.

If you have a camera, send us a photo of a pleasing graphic that you'd like us to adapt to a custom field stencil.





    Custom Stencils
    Custom Stencils
    Custom Stencils
    Custom Stencils
    Custom Stencils
    Custom Stencils
    Custom Stencils
    Custom Stencils
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