Big Bubba Batting Cage
Big Bubba Batting Cage
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The Big Bubba style portable batting cage is the choice of high school, collegiate and professional baseball programs. Includes batting cage, net, dark green vinyl skirt, and extra baffle net behind batter. Unit constructed of 2" heavy-wall aluminum tubing, heavy duty 3.5mm weather-treated EHT netting, and heavy vinyl-coated 18 oz. nylon skirt. This heavy-duty construction, easy portability and collapsible design make it the perfect backstop for any level. Collapses to only 5' high to limit storage space requirements. Two 16" pneumatic side wheels and rear 16" pneumatic steering wheel make relocation simple. 42' of ricochet cushion minimizes ball rebound and reduces damage to frame. Use the coaches observation bar for safe elevated viewing. Dimensions: 18'W x 22'D x 12' H. Weight: 408 lbs.

Nets are HEAVY DUTY weather-treated 3.5 mm EHT cage netting. Replacement net includes cage netting and baffle net behind batter.

Skirts are Nylon reinforced, 18 oz.

    Big Bubba Batting Cage
    Big Bubba Batting Cage
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    Net was difficult to get set. Many tries. The collets work loose on our old one. Tighten the set screws today and they are loose in a couple days w/o moving it. I used self tapping screws through collet and tubing. Will see how it works. Nets- difficult with their directions.

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    I've worked on two of them. One used, one new.On the the used one what happens is that the collets with set screws keep coming loose and the frame comes apart and/or deforms. I instead use self tapping screws through the collet and tubes. Will wait and see how that works out. The brand new one still only is using the set screws provided. I expect it to come apart as well. Net. I replaced the net on the used Bubba and installed a new net on the new Bubba. I practiced on the old first. What a bear. Following the directions as they were it was always too tight when we tried to erect it fully. A tip is to lace it on the top rail but not up/down to the wheels. Raise it up and let the net short cut from the very front most bottom corner, above the wheels so that you can lace the back. Very loosely 1'-16" attach the middle and erect the frame fully. Then pull down the net to close up the front to back sides. You can pull the 1' or so of net- then connect to the top middle rails. The old Bubba I got 12" of gap. The new Bubba was 12-16"gap. Otherwise it's too tight and kids won't be able to handle it. I found the net to be very difficult because I didn't know the method of attachment. Trial/error. I bet I spent 8 hours screwing w/ the first net. Tie it-untie it-tie it different-untie it. Good luck. Remember shortcut the sides at bottom front to back

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