Temporary SmartPole™ Outfield Fencing

Perfect home run fence solution for portable outfield fencing Fast & Easy.

160' MarkSmart Fence Package w/ Poles, Ground Sockets, Rope +Auger- While Supplies Last!
Markers, Inc.Made in USA

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160' MarkSmart Fence Package w/ Poles, Ground Sockets, Rope +Auger- While Supplies Last!
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MarkSmart™ Portable Baseball Fence

Complete Outfield Fence Package w/ Ground Sockets

  • 160' x 48" of Fencing (specify color:
  • 19 ea. 60" SmartPole™ Fence Posts (5 reinforced anchor poles,14 flexible poles)
  • 19 ea. 12" Ground Sockets with plugs
  • Ground Socket Auger
  • Socket Setter & Installation sheet

See how Easy the SmartPole™ Hook-n-Hang Outfield Fence System is to work with
SmartPole™ Hook-n-Hang Outfield Fence Instructions 1MB PDF (in new window)

This unique New fence product provides the economy of Polypropylene Mesh fence material enhanced with bright Yellow banding at the top, midpoint and bottom of the 48" stock.  Whether its being used as an Outfield Fence on a Ball field or simply a Crowd Control device, MarkSmart™ Fence provides an added margin of safety for players, spectators or the general public. Now featuring 5 reinforced support poles in every set to better stabilize the fence in windy or storm conditions.

MarkSmart Fence, combined with Markers Inc. patented SmartPole™ installation system provides the quick, easy installation and teardown you'd expect for a temporary or seasonal fence application.  The Deluxe  System features a permanently installed Ground Socket to accommodate SmartPoles™ for recurring or seasonal needs.


To estimate outfield fencing needed (A) Multiply distance from home plate to where you want your fence to be located. (B) Take that number and multiply by 1.57. (C) The number that is calculated gives you the length you need. EXAMPLE: Distance from home plate to where I want fence to be is 200'. I take 200' x 1.57 which gives me 314'. I need 314' of fencing.
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