Hook-n-Hang Flex Fence Pole

60" Hook N Hang Flex Fence Pole
60" Hook N Hang Flex Fence Pole
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Hook-n-Hang Flexible Fence Pole by MarkSmart™ - 60 inch stake assembly with Triple Cleat Cap & Sleeves in BLACK for use in temporary fence applications...
  1. Drive stake into ground at desired location.
  2. Hang fencing on cap and sleeves. 
  3. Adjust tension as needed.
  4. DONE!

See how Easy the SmartPole™ Hook-n-Hang Outfield Fence System is to work with
SmartPole™ Hook-n-Hang Outfield Fence Instructions 1MB PDF (in new window)

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    60" Hook N Hang Flex Fence Pole
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