160' Basic Flex Tension Net Fence System

Portable Flex Tension Sport / Utility Fence - Made in USA
160' Basic Flex Tension Net Fence System
Made in USA
SKU: FT160-19
160' Basic Flex Tension Net Fence System

➡ Flex-Tension Sport / Utility / Outfield Fence Installation Instructions (PDF)

NEW! Flex-Tension Sport/Utility Fence

Exclusively Featuring:

160 ft. length fence- Best length for 100/200/300 ft. radius outfields
  • UV stabilized woven 2-ply geotextile material
  • Vertical Knitted Pockets alternating open/closed every 3 inches- will never unravel
  • Simply slip open pocket over and onto each pole- pulling taut pole-to-pole
  • Can be cut or spliced to your exact size
  • Our New Flex Tension Poles Feature:

  • Superior strength thanks to our proprietary blend of extruded PVC and Titanium
  • 19 Pocket Pole Set, which includes 5 reinforced stablizing poles, offers better wind resistance
  • Basic Flex Tension Net Fence System Includes:

    • 160 ft roll Your choice of colors: Green, Red or Blue
    • 19 Flex Tension Fence Poles (14 Flex , 5 Reinforced)
    • Pilot Hole Tool
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