Tournament "Strength" Flagsticks

Available in popular U.S. & British colors, white, yellow and striped
Tournament Flagsticks 7 1/2' Length

Tournament Golf Flagsticks

Tournament Flagsticks 7 1/2' Length
White 26300$40.00
Yellow 26310$40.00
White/Black British Stripe 26301$45.00
White/Red British Stripe 26302$45.00
White/Green British Stripe 26303$45.00
White/30" Black Bottom 26304$45.00
Yellow/Black British Stripe 26311$45.00
Yellow/30" Black Bottom 26314$45.00

Take advantage of the remarkable strength, visibility and wind resistance of these Tournament Flagsticks. Extra heft in the center for added performance on greens. 1/2" diameter at both tip and SMART-FIT ferrule; 3/4" diameter at the center, 7 1/2' Length

Note: Due to the oversize dimensions of the shipping carton a $ 25.00 additional handling fee will be applied to this item.

    Tournament Flagsticks 7 1/2
    Tournament Flagsticks 7 1/2
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