The Classic Golf Ball Washer
SKU: SBW01398
The Classic Golf Ball Washer
Red 01325$175.00
Green 01350$175.00
Black 01370$175.00
Yellow 01300$175.00
Brown 01340$175.00
Blue 01375$175.00

Crank Style Golf Ball Washers For Sale - Wash up to 4 balls at once in this feature-packed, affordable priced Classic Ball Washer - built rugged both inside and out for low maintenance and extended lifetime. 

  • Fast, No splash crank operation.
  • Overflow tube prevents leaks and soap buildup.


Mounts on all of our Ball Washer and Console stands.

  • Attach to any 2-3/8" O.D. Post. Capacity: 3.7 pints
    Engraving:  Logo engraved on case in Black, White, or Gold ...$44.00 each. OR

    FREE Logo on quantity of nine or more with the same artwork, No Charge!

    Call now (866) 617-6275 for more information.
    The Classic Golf Ball Washer
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