Golf Course Broken Tee Caddy

Broken Tee Caddy

5 inch spike
for secure mounting

Broken Tee Caddy
Black-White decal 19000$17.00
Yellow-Black decal 19015$17.00
Red-White decal 19025$17.00
Green-White decal 19050$17.00
Blue-White decal 19075$17.00
White-Black decal 19095$17.00
Show your golfers you care about the tee box area by keeping it neat and inviting them to dispose of their broken tees. Sleek cone-shape design minimizes footprint but still has an inviting opening at top for easy access. Select from attractive colors on a powder coated steel construction frame. Includes "Broken Tee" decal and 5 in. spike.
    Broken Tee Caddy
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